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Life has a way of sometimes bringing us down.  Be it through work, finances, poor health or bad relationships.  When we find ourselves in situations that bring us down we often feel that there is no way of coming back up, or in the least of cases, we feel that it will be a hard struggle to feel better.

There are ways of feeling better about life and often the way out is by stepping outside of ourselves.  By looking around and offering help to those who need it.  It might sound as though that is an illogical or irrational way of thinking but it isn’t.  Humans, and a lot of animals, have a hard wired sense of altruism built in to us.  It is a way of survival, but not only that, altruism feels good to those lending a helping hand as well as for those receiving the help – or attention.

When we feel that life has let us down, or disappointed us, or even that life has been hard on us, it’s difficult to look up, or out of our own bubble, and think of helping someone other than ourselves.  We often become very self absorbed, and rightly so, after all, perhaps we feel that we are copping a beating at that moment.  But because we have a “help others” gene, or we have a “help others” neurological hard wiring built in to our brains, we can help others even when we feel that we are the ones that need the help.

I realise this might sound ludicrous to some, but it isn’t.  We really do have a natural need to help, it’s part of our survival, and like all other innate needs that are hard wired in to us, it feels good to help.  There are millions of instances where people have forgotten about their own pains just to help others, or animals.  Some times people even put themselves in danger just to help other people, or animals.

I can’t stress strongly enough just how important it is for our own survival and well being to put ourselves in a state of altruism.  They say that being in a constant state of gratitude helps us find peace.  I can testify from my own personal experience that this is true.  But beyond feeling inner peace, there is also feeling inner love.  I’m not just talking about the love we have for a loved one or for a pet though, I’m talking about the feeling of love that rushes through our bloodstream when we do something for someone else purely because they need it.  Helping others, the planet or animals gives us that feeling of love.  Altruism feels good to the giver as well as to the receiver and it is an amazing way to not only bring ourselves up, but also to bring up those in need.

Please watch this video and look at the love this man feels for his four legged friends.  But not only that, also look at the love these animals feel for him.  This is a tangible thing, even the reporter gets caught up in that feeling.  It is a contagious thing.  Love and laughter are the quickest ways of lifting someone up.

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