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I have just read a great Book "Taming life" by Tony Jarrah.
It was a very easy, insightful read. 
After reading this book I felt anything is possible, no matter how bad things get or what life throws at you. 
You are always in control of the out come. Any thing can be changed, you just need to trust and believe in yourself.
This book helps you to take the steps to achieve the goals you are after, big or small.
Cathy Muir 
Sales manager at the Goodguys
Melbourne, Australia

This book hits the mark on so many levels.
First, it is an easy read so will work for anyone wanting to find a path to happiness.
It is enjoyable. Many self help books are written from a professional level so you feel like you are back in the classroom. Reading "Taming Life - Happiness Is Not a Myth” is more like sitting in the living room and visiting with your good friend, Tony.
This is very informative. There is a great deal of technical and scientific information included in this book. The information necessary to understand the process of letting go and creating happiness. But it is explained and diagrammed in a very unique way that makes it simple to grasp and utilize.
It works. I have already put the authors useful information and simple techniques to use and am already seeing a dramatic change in my quality of life because I am happy.
Taming Life is truly a guide to happiness. And I believe it is a book every adult should own and read to live the happiest life possible. You owe it to yourself to read this book.

Patti Chevallier
Business Owner
Missoula, Montana

Taming Life – Happiness Is Not a Myth, By Tony Jarrah, is a book that every home should have as you would have a first aid book then you should also have this, a first aid book for your soul.
By using a mix of personal experience and well researched facts, Tony has written a book that will teach you how to create happiness; this book will guide you through the workings of our thought processes and chemicals etc. this wonderful book will also teach you that happiness is not all about our own happiness it’s for about creating happiness in our fellow humans as well, when we partake in good deeds, paying it forward etc. these acts all create happiness and its shared experience.
Tony writes from the heart and he genuinely cares about his subject matter, his journey has been one of many emotions and as you read this book you will find that Tony most certainly has the right credentials when it comes to writing a book about happiness. I am very proud of Tony and consider him amongst one of the nicest people on the planet.

Neil Powell

...This book enables the reader to embark on a journey within themselves and find out who they really are and what factors influence their thoughts, life and existence. 
Tony’s inclusion of self help tools are tremendous as they provide the reader with positive and easy ways of truly changing their way of thinking and consequently their life. 
For me this book gave me the opportunity to delve into my own way of thinking and it has helped me to release a lot of judgemental and negative thought patterns that were affecting me mentally, physically and spirituality.  
I AM FREE to be the person I truly am and that is a HAPPY person. 
I recommend this book to anyone who is ready to let go of their conditioned way of thinking and life and make the most of what life has to offer them NOW. 
Thank you Tony 

Effie Tolis 
Teacher and Reiki Master

 Taming Life - Happiness Is Not A MythClick on the image to go to Amazon

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