Tony Jarrah

Tony Jarrah is a modern day explorer. No, not that type of explorer. He is no Indiana Jones! He is the type of explorer that has embarked on the most challenging journey of all, the journey to discover the “Meaning Of Life” stuff, which starts with the more difficult journey of self discovery first.

He has had a tremendously fortunate life with some beautifully memorable moments as well as some very dark days. During this life time he has been trying to understand what the meaning of life is but as of today he still feels that journey is not yet over therefore there is more to explore

and discover from a philosophical and spiritual perspective.

Tony is also an artist with an interest in art going back to his most early days back in the 1960s. Above all others, art has always been his most persistent hobby.

En excerpt from his 1st book Taming Life – Happiness Is Not a Myth

“Reaching my half century on this planet had some kind of effect on me. In fact, though I didn’t realize it at the time, I think that effect happened a few years earlier. I can’t tell you exactly what happened or when, all I can tell you is that one day I was somebody else. One day I stood tall and courageous. I’d had enough and hadn’t even realized it. I felt that I was no longer the mouse. In fact, I felt that the cat took one look at me and ran off.

Suddenly I started to have a different life. I felt confident. Secure. I felt very comfortable in my own skin. I felt like I had all the answers. I would open my mouth and the words just came out making perfect sense. Only I didn’t know where these words were coming from. I often feel like a third party observing myself being a new version of me. A better version. No longer broken. Scarred perhaps, but not broken.” – Tony Jarrah

Taming Life - Happiness Is Not a Myth

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Stress - Understanding The Battle Within

You can heal your life.  You have nothing to lose, and remember,

Thoughts Have Power.


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