I am sure that we’ve all been through hard times.  At times we feel that life is against us, that perhaps God is against us!  We feel that maybe we have done something in this, or in a previous life, that has come back to bite us in the butt. We must be paying for past sins.  After all, we’re not bad people, right?  So why are we having such a hard time?

We can go years feeling like this.  For some people, it’s a lifetime of pain and misery.  But why?  We don’t know.  So we suffer in silence.  Sometimes not in silence.  We fight it every day.  We get angry, maybe bitter, stressed, depressed, then resigned, perpetuating our pain and suffering.  But why?

Have you considered that maybe nothing is against us?  Maybe everything is for us.  “LUDICROUS!” You say.  “I didn’t do anything to bring this on me!” you say. Perhaps you’re right – in a way. But maybe not so right – in another way.  It’s all a matter of perspective, and perspective is everything.

We are our own God creators.  Some religions would have you believe that God is on the lookout and he’s punishing you all the time.  God made us in his image, and he gave us all his powers, at least all the powers we can have as spirits having this human experience during this trip.

So if we are our own God creators, then why do we suffer so much?  Well, it’s because of one of two reasons;

  1.  We chose to come here to have this human experience in order to experience all of life.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  But does this mean that we just got unlucky when our number was called and we were unfortunate enough to be issued a bad trip?  No.  We chose to have the life that we have, to experience everything that we are experiencing in this life time in order to feel what it’s like to suffer and to feel joy and happiness.  We are NOT being punished.
  2. Though we might not understand why things happen to us, they happen because we are not on the right path.  That being said, we are not being punished for not being on the right path either, most bad things happen to let us know that we are not on the right path.  That’s all.

To illustrate what I mean by that let me paint you this picture; imagine that we are cows in a farm.  Now imagine that if we are heading the wrong way we are going to hit the fence.  Now this fence is electrified, so when we hit it we are going to get zapped.  Plain and simple.  Does that mean that the farmer is willfully causing us pain?  Does it mean that he is constantly watching, waiting, hoping that we hit the fence so that we can get zapped?  Hell no!  He’s not even there all the time.  He put the electrified fence in place to keep us on the right path and to keep us from drifting.  So there is no punishment.

If we choose to go spend a week in Antarctica we’re going to feel extreme cold.  Should we then feel that we are being punished?  No.  We chose that trip knowing the conditions.  There is no punishment, only the experiences that we choose to have.

On the other hand, if we are not on the right path, the right path for ourselves, that is, then how do we know that we’re not on the right path?  How do we know?  Some people say that God talks to them every day.  I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard the voice of God talking to me.  I have, however, felt something. Perhaps we could call it intuition.  You know, that feeling you get that tells you whether you should turn right or left, or maybe stop, or keep moving forward or turn back.  We always know.  In retrospect we can look back at our lives and in hindsight we always knew the right answers.  Sometimes we do the right thing and other times we don’t, which causes us to feel the ZAP!

I believe the latter is true for us most of the time, if not all of the time.  We should be on one path, in order to fulfill our spiritual desires, but we often find ourselves on the wrong path because we lose our way or because we have been conditioned to follow the wrong path.  What this does is to zap us, it causes us pain, in some form or another.  Of course we don’t understand why we are feeling the pain, or discomfort, or the absolute agony, all we know is that it doesn’t feel good and that it must be God punishing us for some sin or another.  Don’t be fooled.  That is a myth perpetuated by religions.

We are our own God creators.  We choose to have the lives we have, to experience what we experience, to feel what we feel.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  It’s our choice.  Some of it is our guidance system but it’s all ours and all by design.  Our design.

So next time you feel that God is punishing you, think about this; everything you are feeling and experiencing, you chose it way before arriving at this playing field to have your human experience.  When you get zapped you are just being guided by the divine, or the universe, or your intuition or higher self – whatever you want to believe is guiding you through life.   With every zap, with every negative or positive experience, you are being guided to the light, for lack of a better term. With every experience you are preparing yourself for what you really asked for. One way or another, you have all the answers within you.  Listen to your inner guidance system, it knows everything you will ever need to know to have the human experience your soul came here to have.

  • If you listen to yourself.  You know.  
  • Thoughts Have Power!

Tony Jarrah

Author of

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Stress – Understanding The Battle Within

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