Though life has a relentless way of trying to always pull you back into that slow suicide, you still have the power to make up your mind to change that, and to do whatever you want to do.

Live Your Passion

Life doesn’t really have power over you. YOU DO.

Life is forceful like the wind, it can be destructive and uncompromising, but you have the power, like a mountain. The wind can only go around you but it can’t move you.

Sometimes life is about as subtle as a sledge hammer, other times it works like a slow working virus, slowly eating away at you until you have lost control of your life, of yourself.  People don’t realise that they are the ones that hold the power. They allow life to do its best, or worst, depending on how you look at it.

When we talk about Life, we’re talking about society, which has its own ideas of how you should live your life.  On the other hand, when we talk about Life, we also talk about the people that are in our lives, be it those we work with, socialise with, live with, or members of our family – Society.  When you give up your life (to Life), you give up your power to live this life experience for you. You give up your idea of how life should be for you.

I hadn’t realised (until a couple of weeks ago), that over the last six months, my life had decided to take a left turn without my approval, hell, without my consent!  But I’ve reminded myself that my life is MY experience to live however the hell I want.  Not by default.  Not by what other people expect of me.

Do with life what you will, but remember, at the end of your life, you WILL look back to see if you had a good life or not, and no matter how you turn it, you always come to the same conclusion, either for the good or for bad “I should have lived my life my way – FOR ME”


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